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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
9:08 pm
I may have lost the battle...but the war has just begun
So as I understand it, Leah and I are currently in a photo battle vs. Holly and Liz. Now, they may have some pretty funny creations that they can take pictures of, but you can't beat good old fashioned humor that is so funny it can't be created - its all real! Take, for instance, our couch: Purchased from the Salvation Army for $43, it is tan terry cloth (yes, like a towel)with big brown and dark tan flowers on in...think 1960s flowers meet 1970s terry cloth meet ugly ugly who knows when flowers.

LUCKILY, i happen to be a trading spaces fan...and made a couch cover with the help of my assistant Leah (who is now a professional gluing assistant). Our couch is now brown with hot pink dots. And the fun didn't stop there...we also have a picture on our wall, created by Leah and i as well...It's actually quite psychadelic...a guitar with a piano behind it...(watch for it on ebay in august...lol). Now, all of this decorating goes with our card table and folding chairs in the dining room, the air mattresses in the bedroom, the small 13" tv on the end table that matches nothing. Oh, and we also have 7 flowers pinned to the wall. And all of our walls are white, except 2 are green. Pictures to be coming to soon...but tell me, how can we lose with an apartment like this?

I heart Holly & Liz! Come visit us if you can!
Monday, May 30th, 2005
10:37 am

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
9:37 pm
so its been awhile i know...but incase you haven't heard...i'm in NASHVILLE!!! its awesome...i love it...and you should come visit leah and i :-D
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
9:20 pm
New Year...New Me?
Since I haven't posted in a while...and I dont want to do my work...I thought I'd tell a story.

Hmmm...so I had this big plan that this year (well...this semester) was going to be different. I was going to try not to party, not to do stupid things that I will regret at a later date, etc, etc. So new years eve I go to a party w/ Fritz and some guys. (Side note: I do not find any of the guys attractive, and they're pretty good friends of mine, so I have no worries about getting loaded). So I drink a bottle of rum, some vodka, and some wine, perhaps more, who knows. I remember seeing Green Day on MTV at midnight and getting really excited. I slightly remember playing Trivial Pursuit 90s and not being able to read the questions...I remember fritz eating a shrimp with the peel (haha it was awesome)...I remember sitting outside on the porch...the somehow everyone left the porch except for me and a the bass player of a certain band who at one point in his life may or may not have slightly resembled Charles Manson and at another point helped through some bullshit w/ an asshole guy...so we're friends...but nothing more. So at somepoint I end up on the porch talking to him...then somehow end up pressed up against the side of the house making out with him. Yeah not so good. Funny story, but not so good.

So as for starting the New Year off right, well it went all wrong. The only thing I did live up to was my t-shirt that reads "Makeout Bandit" which i will be sure to wear the next time I see the lad that took advantage of my intoxication. (Yes I definately used "lad" in a sentence).

So how was everyone else New Years???

I really miss NZ! I wish we were going back!!!

Current Mood: okay
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
1:19 pm
Where are you going...CRAZY!!!
I hate finals! They're the worst thing that anyone could ever invent. The person that thought finals would be a good idea should be tied to the train tracks, and each and every student should get to throw books at him (or her i suppose) before the train comes. Finals serve no purpose except to stress students out and make them think of jumping out of a window on the third story. Is that healthy? I think not.

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, December 10th, 2004
9:04 am

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
7:13 pm
don't mess with texas
so since my last post, things have been looking up for the most part...the red sox won, bush won, my best friend isn't pregnant, and for some reason i have been in a generally good mood lately (which frankly scares me because there is absolutely no reason for it)...maybe its just that i pretend nothing bad is happening, when in reality it's happening all the time. But its okay, i've always had a good imagination so why stop now ;)

becky and i started writing songs...well parodies to songs...they're actually pretty good, and really funny...maybe i'll post some one day....maybe even tonight when i give up on doing my work....

ohhh and how i miss new zealand...my one connection to the country that i had left (my friend brendan) is now engaged apparently and because girl friends seem to be bitches about their boyfriend's having other girls as friends, i probably won't talk to him very often anymore :(

but i miss all of you guys too!!!! we need a herd reuntion! soon!!!!!!!

Current Mood: content
Monday, October 18th, 2004
2:49 pm
Manic Monday
So its only Monday, and I already want to crawl in a hole and hide from the insanity...

Last night i drag becky to see the Evan Anthem (my friends...who are in a band) and even though she doesn't necessarily like that type of music, she's such a great roomie that she came along (and no matter what she says...she liked it). So while I'm there, I see courtney in the bathroom (courtney is my friend josh's girlfriend that is a bitch and she doesn't like any of his friends...and we don't like her)

courtney: hey, how are you
me: not too bad, how bout you
courtney: i'm good, did you talk to josh yet
me: yeah i just saw him outside
courtney: did he tell you the news
me: ummm...no
courtney: WE GOT ENGAGED!
me: (after pulling my jaw back up from the floor)oh wow...congratulations
courtney: yeah, it just happened last week
me: oh that's so awesome (lie) i'm so happy for your guys (lie again)
courtney: aww thanks, okay well i better go, he's probably looking for me
me: haha (nervous laughter)
courtney: see ya later
me: bye
(she leaves and becky comes out of the stall)

me: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!
becky: oh my god...i couldn't even pee
me: what? oh my god...i can't believe this

now its a pretty well known fact that once she got the ring, josh is gonna be quittin the band soon after, but we all thought it would happen this summer...but i really couldn't get over this...so i had to call my sister to flip out...and she just made my reaction worse

ok, so back to the show...while the guys are setting up, and the bitch is "helping josh sound check his drums" (b/c it takes more than one person to do that) becky and i are standing there and i'm trying to compose myself...so these 2 guys walk up to us...
one of these guys is on the large side but the other one is not too bad lookin

so the fat kid is like, hi do i know you from somewhere
but i didn't...then becky and i decided that it was a pick up line and i was so distracted by the whole engagement that i didn't even pick up on it....so then i'm all flustered b/c yet ANOTHER fat kid hit on me.....maybe it was for his not so bad looking friend ;)

so after the show...i'm talking to matt miller (another friend in the band)
me: so josh is engaged
matt: apparently
me: hmmmm
matt: yeah he didn't even really tell us
me: yeah courtney told me in the bathroom
matt: yeah.......yeah
me: wow
matt: and this is where the band falls apart
me = sad

so then this morning, i get a call from fritz....yes, fritz is still in spain....and well her news just completely hit me and i totally wasn't expecting it...and now its just another thing that i'm going to need to deal with and i'm really worried about her b/c she's in spain and its hard to help her when i'm not there....ughhhhh and i just can't handle unexpecting things happening anymore

but...it was good to see the guys again...and it was good to talk to fritz even if her news wasn't so good

Current Mood: shocked
Monday, October 11th, 2004
9:33 pm
Liar Liar Pants on Fire
So, Becky now owes me like $35. Which is wonderful, but its all because at some point in her life she became a pathalogical liar. Now don't read this and think Becky and I are fighting, or I'm mad at her, because I'm not. She just forgets that I've lived with her long enough that I can read her like a book.

So to update from the last post - she DID sleep with the smurf. (Ewww becky!) and subsiquently owes me $20 for that one.

Ohhh and we're up to $36 because (this is a direct quote) "i'm really not going to ever talk to him..."

So to update on this kid...he not only pees along the road (like the main that runs past our campus at the intersection of the main road that runs through our campus) but he ALSO pees in the UG (the lame excuse for a dance club on this campus/in this town but hey, its all we got). Oh, and he and his friends were hitting themselves in the face with ice hockey sticks for fun....

Wow, he seems like a winner!!!!

To quote Ashlee: "He seemed kinda slow"

yep...that about sums it up....

and yes, i'm hurt that you lied :(

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
3:48 pm
hmmm.....too funny
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somehow this seems all too true ;)
Friday, October 1st, 2004
10:38 am
i know i just posted, but these are 2 completely seperate topics, each needing their own space...

so last night i'm laying in bed after giving up on studying, watching tv...its around 1230 or so....

so all of a sudden beck starts putting her timbs on...and says "chris wants to talk...he's gonna meet me 1/2 way so i dont have to walk that far by myself"

i dont think a whole lot of it...but just as some background...chris aka finn is the kid that was trying to get in becky's pants while he's got a girlfriend at home....oh yeah...and i almost forgot to mention..he and his girl have been together for 5 years!!!!

so becky's like..i'll be back in a little, i'll try not to wake you up if you're sleeping...so since i'm on the verge of passing out, i think she's going to be back soon...maybe 3 at the latest, thats usually the average time...

so this morning my alarm goes off for the 4th time...and i find it a little strange that beck hasn't said anything that i woke her up...so i roll over and look and think she's sleeping...then i put my glasses on and take another look...and she's not there...infact...she hasn't been home...

beck...i think you owe me a dollar for this one...

that's right ladies and gentlemen...we've got a new unda-cova...UCH

so anyway...to make a long story short...at approximately 10:30am...the door to my room opens and in walks someone who slightly resembles my roommate except her eyes are bloodshot...her hair is somewhat to the side of her head and she pretty much looks like hell (sorry beck)...but wait, she's wearing the same clothes my roommate wore last night...hmmm it must be her....

the walk of shame at 10 on a friday morning....hmmm.... and she tries to tell me nothing happened....beck, did you FORGET i'm a secret agent :) HA!

Current Mood: giggly
10:33 am
japanese in mexico
So last night i have to watch the presidential debate for my journalism class. I kinda have a biased opinion anyway...but i really think my favorite part was when kerry said "invading iraq after 9-11 would have been like invading mexico after pearl harbor" OMG....i really stareted laughing...first of all dumbass, there ARE terrorists in Iraq...Al Queda cells there...second of all, why would we invade mexico to go after the japanese?

i mean i know i didn't pay that much attention in history class, and i could be a little better about following current events, but i think i would remember if japan established a governing body south of the border....

oh, and while i'm on the topic...the pottery barn slogan is "you break it you buys it" not "you break if you fix it"

Current Mood: surprised
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
7:17 pm
pencils, pens, and random other desk objects that i HATE
yeah...i just used the word HATE...in all caps...i'm not particularly fond of the word, but i'm not particularly fond of the person i'm referring to either. In fact, i like the word better than the desk objects. Apparently the bitch took the ONLY class that I wanted to take at LVC, therefore taking MY spot in the class since I couldn't get in...and forcing me to apply to Belmont. So i pretty much want to kill her at the moment.

And the breaking news of the moment - Belmont's not lookin so good anyway. So maybe I won't be moving to Nashville.....yet....Who knows....i dont even know about anything anymore...i'm so freakin confused...i wanna go back to new zealand where atleast i could put stuff off and say i would deal with it when i got home. actually, i want to go back to the first 2 months in new zealand when i didn't seem to have any problems and all we did was go to the beach all the time :)

and incase you missed the memo...last week was INTERNATIONAL ASSHOLE GUY WEEK....Becky and I declared it...so it's official. Beck - so glad we can have those late night talks...but i really hope that next week is better b/c i need some freakin sleep ;)

Ugh...so how's everyone else's life? Or is it just me that's going insane?

Current Mood: confused
Monday, September 20th, 2004
5:46 pm
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Wow...so it's been like 3 months since i posted...sorry guys...its not that i don't care...really i do...

but anyway...thanks for all of the birthday wishes...i'm not sure if i IMed anyone back and said thanks that night - and according to some accounts I did send some IMs and they made absolutely no sense...which pretty much means the trip to the bar was a success and one of the guys that I went with carried me home because walking just wasn't an option at that point.

I went to the liquor store for the first time in the states on Saturday and i didn't even get carded...it kinda pissed me off...wait no it didn't...i felt like the shit :)

So to the should I stay or should i go part of my post...it really does have a purpose i swear...there's a 50% chance that i might move to Tennessee...Nashville to be exact. Kinda funny since i can't stand country music. But i might transfer to a school there - which i don't think the LVC crew is really excited about...but the girls are being so supportive. LAMB - i <3 you guys! But after being in New Zealand - i realized how much Annville sucks, and after being denied the ONLY class at LVC that might help me in the future - i decided that i should probably move on in life...so who knows where i might be by teh time January rolls around

But i miss all of you guys soooo much! And I promise it won't be another 3 months until i post again!!!!!!

P.S. Becky: wow, I really thought i had a lot of friends and now you're leaving
Liz: Becky, you still have friends, you're the most popular girl at LVC

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:56 am
Leah, where do you find this stuff??????

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
12:06 pm
talk dirty to me......
so after my horrible week last week...there is one highlight...

So first this band ZO2 opened and they rocked...and it was there first tour...how do you get your first tour and open for Poison and Kiss? But in addition to them being awesome, they had a gorgeous bass player...we'll leave it at that
Then Poison was amazing...and then Kiss, well it was Kiss what else do i have to say...
so things aren't all bad...

and yes, i dressed 80s for the 80s rock show! :)

and now i'm at work and bored out of my mind...but only 22 days til the warped tour......

Current Mood: bored
Friday, July 16th, 2004
5:59 pm
missin nz like woah
ugh...being home sucks...in addition to my friends being spread sporatically over the country (none of which seem to fall in Duncannon) I decide to work two jobs this summer...seemed like a good idea...
so my first week back to work started out stressful...and just went from bad to worse...then a tornado ripped through central pennsylvania...(and campbelltown made it to FOX news)...then my dog somehow hurts his leg and is limping around all the time and can't jump on the couch (where he spends most of the day and night) so we have to lift him...then i find out that my uncle has cancer in his head and neck. he smoked 2 packs a day for 30 years and his lungs are clear...go figure...
so all i wanna do right now is get on a plane...fly for an unthinkable number of hours...and land in Auckland and get outta stupid pa...

Current Mood: blah
Friday, July 9th, 2004
6:40 pm
Pink House Tour 2004
So last night Liz, Lauren (not fritz like you're all thinking...one from LVC) and I took a random drive through lancaster to go to ritas...AND to look for a pink house. We found a few, but none were correct. Apparently we had to go to a street name of another color, but we still had a lot of fun. Attempted drive bys are great! And now that i know the correct location....hmmmmm...successful drive bys are even better ;)

And now i'm sinking into depression because my best friend (yes, fritz this time) is in LA and going to see the true love of my life (Kris w/ a K if you didn't know)...but she promised to put in a good word for me.

And incase that doesn't work out...i found a new love today, well two actually. A transfer student coming to LVC this fall...i love my job...so if ya'll meet Matt that's a math major or Derek thats an english major...i claim them both ;)

and just as a side note...i wanna go back to new zealand and drink flagons!!! i miss you guys!!!!

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
10:05 am
What a week....
Highlights from Creation 2004:

water battles - we're going tarping - power walking at 5 am - stretching for the powerwalking at 4 am - waking up to go powerwalking at 3 am - mountain (moon) pie fever - slipping toby mac a note - wearing my mono vs stereo shirt while talking to toby mac (where did you get your shirt....from brad) - crowd surfing the 6 foot inflatable monkey - finding out what really happened to the monkey - shine dance practice - shine dance - bonnie being the dance leader - purple tube socks, a purple shirt, nz flag, and a monkey...need i say more - being hit on by 13 year old boys - the skate park - the fringe stage - 3rd row at tmac concert - rockin out to rk - the cornerstone kids rockin the house to AA and newsboys....

Cornerstone kids...you guys are awesome! keep rockin....

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
10:08 pm
pics and convos
Got some pics developed today including but not limited to the great barrier reef pics. They're good, but i didn't get the turtle. Beck - was that your camera? And i dont know if anyone remembers, but anything that happened in nz i just said i would figure it out when i got home...bad idea. never put things off...that's my advice. so my quote for now until who knows when..."and all of a sudden my life just got a whole lot more confusing..." comments made by asshole (ya'll know who i mean):
1. so when are you coming home to me?
2. when are we going to hang out? (me: i dunno) hopefully soon
3. you should come see the new house...you could stay for the weekend or something
4. when are you coming to visit...i'm goin stir crazy...

i gotta give him credit for his persistence...but he still hasn't redeemed himself for his assholeness of the past 3 months or so

so hows nz? i wish i was there again! especially looking at the pics! thats awesome about the all blacks winning! of course becky and i were there on the private jet and planning teh after party.......oh wait......see even from pa i can exaggerate. i heard sweet home alabama the other day and got a little teary-eyed thinking of the home bar! geez, i miss you guys!

Current Mood: confused
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